Tuesday, 27 May 2014

BJP 2014 March and April ~Ta dah

Beach huts for my boys. There always seems to be a song, a poem or a phrase that whirls around my head unbidden and as soon as I thought about my son's beach huts two things sprang to mind. The song  'You are my sunshine' and the rhyme 'Star light, star bright'. The song title has been used as a scrapbook page title, sung out loud to my sons and quietly to myself, chuckled over when I realised that Marge Simpson sings it to Bart ( my younger son was an avid watcher of the Simpsons) and just sums up how I feel about them. They make me smile and it is always a joy to see them whether on Skype or in person. I wonder how much they remember of the made up stories, bedtime books, short poems and nursery rhymes that were part of bedtime. The poem is the last in a very dog-eared, stuck with tape nursery rhyme book that I used to read to them and haven't the heart to throw out. At bedtime it was said before the curtains were drawn and now I still find myself saying it when I look out the kitchen window before bed.

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.
My eldest has been the other side of the world for two years and my youngest lives the other side of the country but we are all under the same sun and stars which is a thought that pleases me.
My eldest has a colourful sun for his sunny nature, snowy mountains of Queenstown, New Zealand as it was here he started off snowboarding, a 'Peace/ Love' camper van as he is now travelling around and a moustache flag. I wasn't sure what to do for his flag but when his brother suggested a moustache it seemed just right, quirky, fun and very much part of him.
My youngest has a Van Gogh 'Starry Night' sky for his creative side, with chemical constellations as he is a Chemist, a Durham Cathedral skyline inspired by one of his photos and a Liverpool Football Club flag which stands for his sporty side playing football, climbing and tennis.
Both have always supported Liverpool and enjoyed going to music festivals and concerts so a Liver Bird festival flag stands between their huts which I shall finish when doing the background.  
Their huts reflect where they are at the moment.
My family of beach huts so far.


  1. Your beach huts are truly special things, personal to your family yet universally appealing. And that seagull makes me smile every time I see it :)

  2. WOW! These are so much fun!!!! This is story telling at its best! I guess you've been good at that for a long time, making up stories and reading to your sons when they were children. I am grateful to be touched by this family story!