Sunday, 23 March 2014

BJP 2014 February Ta-dah

My second beach hut is for my husband. I am lucky. I know I am loved every day. There had to be hearts somewhere and the roof seemed the right place. When sad things happen such as illness and loss he has always been there with a hug giving shelter from the storm. Some elements were deliberately placed whist others bits just happened. He is a gardener and birdwatcher so naturally a flower and a bird were needed. I was so unsure how to create a bird but a leaf bead made the perfect wing and so a  gull ended sitting at the top.

 We are parents and our two boys are in there twenties now but when they were younger we went on holiday to Suffolk and we bought giant rubber rings from the beach huts in Southwold which were great fun so a beaded rubber ring leans against the door. These are all placed on a background of stripes. There were always going to be stripes I never thought of anything else. We are fundamentally different I tend to be messy and struggle to be organised whereas he is amazingly organised and tidy so the beaded stripes are all in a row as neat as I could make them.

 That just leaves that funny bit under the roof. I wasn't sure why I chose black beads to begin with. To me they signify sadness  and we are happy, we have fun, we laugh and we are good together. So what does it represent? He sees pitfalls and problems which is sometimes a positive when planning projects but he worries about the what ifs and uncertainties, often things that don't occur to me, so that black cloud that appeared is the part of him that will always make him worry about this and that. I am an optimist, he is a pessimist, I am messy, he is tidy but over the years we have rubbed off on each other and I couldn't be happier that he is by my side, almost forty years on since our first kiss when I was fifteen. So here are our beach huts side by side.