Monday, 25 March 2013

BJP 2013 March ~ Ta-dah

In our garden on March the first, St. David's Day, there are always the first few daffodils to be seen.

I just needed to work out how to make a daffodil trumpet.

The first ones were too thin, too tall and too fat.

But one was just right.

Ready to take centre stage on my leaf.

Next was beading around the centre.

I love the way things evolve and the half circle fans that appeared just seemed to fit so well.

The view from the side shows the daffodil trumpets off.

And finally my finished leaf is a celebration of my Welsh roots. I am scrap booking my family history and I am now back to around the 1750's. I love solving the puzzles and finding out about the stories of my ancestors lives and although I was born in England and my husband and children are English I still find myself cheering on the Welsh rugby team just as I did as a child with my Welsh parents.