Saturday, 23 February 2013

BJP 2013 February ~ Ta-Dah

Snowdrops and snow were the inspiration for February and having a go at the fan pattern. So I started by collecting some beads.

Followed by using the fan pattern as the ground.

Then the snowdrops were added. Luckily I had some beads from an aunts old necklace that had a twist and looked just like snowdrop buds all rolled up.

Finally the snow and leaves were added. The first snowflake was actually going to be a pale winter's sun but as soon as I saw it I thought of those big fat snowflakes when you can see the shape and crystals. In fact it was my favourite part making each snowflake different.

Ta-dah. The finished leaf.

Love since it's February was the word at the back of my head. In fact I was thinking of a quote I thought I had included in a photograph album when our first child was born. However I just went to look for it and couldn't find it. The gist of it was about giving your child roots so they could fly. The fan pattern used for the ground is very much the secure loving foundations I had as a child and I hope that we have given the same to our children. Being with the people I love, doing the things I love to do and visiting the places I love is a joy and makes me who I am :)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

BJP 2013 January~ Finished Ta-dah

How did my January piece develop? The initial inspiration was the Winter Jasmine in the garden so a colour scheme was chosen and a desire to learn barnacle stitch to create the flowers got me started.

 I also wanted to follow Robin's idea of improvisational beading so tucked away a thought at the back of my mind. Me and New Year Resolutions.
Well I got this far and couldn't decide whether it was finished.

I liked the little felt leaf shapes that appeared on the one side but also wanted to have a solid block of beading. Just couldn't make my mind up to add more beads or not. Finally I decided it just didn't feel finished and continued beading.


The thing that strikes me at the end is that their are two very different sides just like me. On one hand I love being creative, going with the flow and putting off all the chores and daily organisational tasks and yet on the other hand I like things to be sorted and to have a plan. The underlying structure makes me feel calmer and gives me the freedom to be creative. Up until now I hadn't made any New Year Resolutions apart from the obvious one of losing weight but have decided on two more now.
1. Enjoy the time sorting out the messy corners that appear and tying up those loose ends for the calmness it brings.
2. Enjoy the time learning new skills and being creative for the happiness it brings.
One of my favourite quotes is by Pablo Picasso " Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." However as much as I need art and being creative I also need the more mundane things to be in order too.
Am I happy with my finished piece? Yes, I think there is a balance. I had wanted that free flowing side to encroach on the structured side just as in life I wanted more creative time and to forget the ordinary daily stuff. However in truth I'm happier when things are in balance. The time spent sorting, organising and planning is just as valuable as the time spent being creative.

Well, I never thought I'd be writing that about myself at the beginning of January:)