Saturday, 26 October 2013

BJP 2013 ~ September Ta-dah

Beading a Helenium for my September leaf caused me to inspect the flowers closer.

The way the centres develop is fascinating as they start with a brown dome across which waves of yellow pollen spread until a sphere is created. I love beading a bead and knew the same technique would work well as a centre. I just used a felt bead and covered it three quarters of the way.

I decided to needle felt some background flowers before adding bright red beads for the petals.

The final addition was a picot edging.

The branches are filling up and I've got some fabric for the background but apart from embroidering the stems I'm still not sure how to add the months and names of the flowers. Any ideas?

Perhaps a border or tags, printed or sown. Well I have a few months to play around :) Happy days.


  1. Won-der-ful! As to the assembly of all of the cuties I cannot contribute any bright ideas, but I hope you will show us the final piece at the end of the year, or during the BJP 2014, if there is going to be one.

  2. I've just started getting interested in raised bead embroidery so this piece is especially interesting to me. It works so well, it flows and just has such a beautiful peaceful feel. Love it!

  3. Your pieces are beautiful. Your finished project will come to you in time. Beautiful work.

  4. How about a hand writing type font and smallish stitching close to and following the top lines of the leaves?

    Whatever you decide I'm sure it will be lovely :)

    1. Thanks Annie. Shall see how small I get stitch letters!

  5. I love Coneflowers, Evanna and you've certainly done these ones justice. How clever of you to use felt as a base!

  6. Just stinking gorgeous! This is my favorite one yet!!