Saturday, 14 September 2013

BJP 2013 ~ July Ta-dah

This month was started then sat around for a while because I couldn't quite visualise how to do what I wanted ~ a wildflower meadow or herbaceous border. Then inspiration came in some beads from a broken necklace Mum had held onto from an Aunt.

The blue beads washed up a treat.

The differing sizes of the same flower were just perfect for grouping into clusters and soon I had my wildflower meadow and herbaceous border.

Definitely the most colourful leaf so far.

My August leaf is already finished so hopefully will follow shortly.


  1. I like this leaf very much, it is so full of life.

  2. Inspired use of those gorgeous beads ... I love it!

  3. Once you got it figured out, you made the most beautiful garden and border... this sends me swooning... really, I'm not exaggerating... I love the design of this one!