Monday, 24 June 2013

BJP 2013 May ~ Ta dah

May is about remembrance for me so the forget- me- not was the starting point followed by apple blossom.

My sister passed away from cancer on the 18th May 2009 and her birthday was the 1st of May. We shared a love of flowers and gardens so when I walk around the garden in May I love seeing the drifts of blue forget-me-nots. The garden we grew up in had two large apple trees and the apple blossom in my garden always triggers many happy memories.

So on the leaf are forget-me-nots and apple blossom but it wasn't until after I had finished that I smiled at the border I had done. You see May was the month Mum moved after fifty years in the same house. Some of the furniture and 127 boxes were moved to her new bungalow. I watched boxes being packed, loaded and unloaded and then we set about unpacking them all. Now doesn't that border look like boxes? Totally unintentional I just thought the colour of the bugle beads went with the background felt colour but now when I look at the leaf I see boxes. The leaf will always remind of Mum's move and the best thing is now she lives just around the corner instead of nearly 200 miles away and she is happy settling into her new home.


  1. Apart from the happy memories this piece represents for you, it is sooo pretty!

  2. You've put your heart into that beautiful leaf and it shows.

  3. Forget me nots are one of my favorites, and I just LOVE the "boxes" you created in this piece!!